Tips and testimonials - parents tell

Next, some feedback in age order revealing how babies react to flash cards.


  • We received a sheep card with the parish mail and showed it to our 17-day-old son today; for the first time, he smiled three times :) (Tero)
  • It took a little while before our Henri became interested in the cards. First, he got excited about the sun at the age of 1.5 months. Next, he became interested in the penguin, and now, at the age of 10 weeks, he babbles at length to the ladybird, in addition to the above-mentioned images. (Sari)
  • We received a red bird card from our friend when our son was about 1.5 months old. From the beginning, he has stared at the bird quite intensively. Now our son is 3 months old and is still fascinated by the bird. He can look at the bird flying above his head for any length of time. I am also going to buy a bird for the baby that my sister is expecting; it has been that popular in our house :) (Marika) 


  • Today I received the baby cards in the mail. Our baby (Kalle 9 weeks) has never talked as much as he talked to the sun. He was all excited. A big thank you!
  • Our friend gave us a strawberry card. It has had an amazing impact on our daughter, aged about two months. A series of gurgling and smiles followed – something that her parents had only managed to coax at the best of times.  (Anu)
  • My son, soon to be two months old, talks a lot to the yellow teddy bear and red bird, when on the changing table. He loves being on the changing table, and every time he is taken away, he makes a sound which shows his disappointment. The card also entertains him in his pram, and the baby calms down to go to sleep while looking at it. (Mira)
  • I got the cards and a mobile, the child loves them :) He's now two months and happily laughs at the pictures. He smiles at the mobile and sometimes falls asleep while looking at it. (Henna) 


  • The absolute favourites of our three-month-old son are the sun card and the smiley face of a snowman on the reverse side of the winter card. The snowman gets smiles every time :). He managed to turn over for the first time, when the winter, autumn and summer cards were used as lures :)
  • We have a three-month-old girl. She looks at all the cards with interest, but her favourite is the ladybird. The card brings forth winning smiles and plenty of gurgling. (Jenni)
  • Our son Topias is ever so happy every time he sees the teddy bear picture at the changing table. It makes me laugh, as well, when he shows his gums every time and then gurgles at length! His other favourite is the penguin, but he only stares at it incessantly for a long time. (Sari) 

4-month-olds or older

  • The absolute favourite of Ahti (4.5 months) is the knight; it always draws enthusiastic, devoted and very focused examination.
  • The snowman truly excites our young man (almost 5 months). All the tricks, smiles and sounds are demonstrated to the snowman. Perhaps it is natural of a child of a snowy winter to love a snowman :D (Karoliina) 


First to be looked at; when laminated, they can also be held

Iina tells us that she laminated the cards: Thank you for the excellent cards! They have brought us much joy, and have been extremely interesting to look at since the age of about two months. My daughter has been interested in all of the cards we got: farmer's wife, penguin, sun, owl and ladybird. Up until now, she has looked at the cards from a short distance in various places. However, now she is getting to an age (6 months) when she wants to hold the cards and sometimes put them into her mouth. I laminated the cards before using them, so they have endured well, even with heavy-handed handling by a child. :)

Guffawing on the changing table

Marjo wrote about the following card experience: Hi! In a Sipoo parish letter we received the Onni and Ilona pram card, and it has been the favourite of our little one from the start. When changing nappies, the picture is on the wall next to the changing table. The baby examines it thoroughly, at length, smiling and gurgling. Her first spontaneous guffaw also came out while she was looking at it! A great idea!

The mobile also endures humid condition 

I sent Katriina the DIY baby mobile for testing, and she asked if it could be hung in a bathroom. The reply after a test use of six months: The mobile has been hanging from our bathroom ceiling, next to the sauna door, and it looks to me like it is still intact. In a humid facility it collects some dust ‘inside the triangle’, but surely dust also accumulates in normal rooms!  Thank you so much again; the mobile has brought us a lot of joy!

A poem behind the card

I have two daughters, aged 8 months and 2 years 5 months, and they both just love the cards. I have written a matching poem or two behind every card, and we have a card session almost daily. I have presented these cards with added poems to friends who have just had a baby. (Pirita)

Songs matching a card's theme

The cards have provided invaluable help during the long hours of the night, when the baby's sleep pattern was not yet stabilised and I had to think of how to entertain both myself and my baby. Looking at the pictures helps to pass the hours! My husband and I have also sung to the baby according to the theme on the card. We have indeed found some favourites from our own childhood in children's songbooks.

Cards as invitations

The cards can also be used as invitation cards, for example, to a christening or a naming ceremony, and why not use them for a children's party? The naming ceremony idea came from Sari, who ordered sun cards for this purpose. Some parishes have also used the cards as baby church invitations.